Disclaimer*: this is not an exhaustive list – there are hundreds of these things. We’d be here for hours.  But the links below are all worth checking out if you’re planning a trip (or if you wish you were).

iphone apps (with a * if they’re on ipad too)

  • Lingolook Hindi* – touch the screen and it plays the phrase!
  • kindle*
  • skype* (do I even have to mention this one?)
  • whatsapp – this lets you send text messages to anyone else with the same app over wifi – though it only works if they have the app. So far, that applies to one person I know (Mike, I’m looking at you).

 travel links

  • indiamike.com (the motherlode of India travel advice)
  • indiasomeday.com (I’ve made some bookings with these guys and so far they’ve been a dream to deal with – will let you know how that pans out when I actually get there!)
  • fullstopIndia blog (loads of practical advice, though a bit US-centric)
  • Johnny Vagabond (amazing pics, some pretty funny stories)
  • Mumbai magic (Deepa Krishnan’s blog. There is a sister site for Delhi, and she organises walking tours in Delhi, Mumbai & Kochi)
  • breathedreamgo (mostly yoga-focussed but beautiful site)
  • wanderlustandlipstick.com (travel advice and travel stories from women travellers)
  • applying for an Indian visa (in the UK)
  • legalnomads.com (for general inspiration)
  • Beers&Beans (wicked photos – and the ebook “Getting Out of Auto” is totally worthwhile)
  • Almost Fearless (the general blog is cool, but this links to the India-specific posts)
  • Whatsdavedoing (token kiwi entry to the list – now to play the 2 degrees of separation game, fellow kiwis:  pretty sure that I will know someone who knows someone who knows this guy – anyway, the blog is good value)

*old habits die hard

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