It’s a long way to Goa, it’s a long way to go….


So. Just arrived back in Mumbai on an all-night train from Aurangabad. I shared a sleeper compartment with 5 middle aged Indian males, which basically means a lot of burping, hoicking and farting, several rounds of the “where are you from” game, and not a hell of a lot of sleep. It was pitch black when I arrived in Mumbai, so I took a taxi straight to the airport. Armed with my newfound knowledge that the going rate for a prepay taxi, no aircon, is 450 rupees, I managed to find an aircon minivan for 500 INR – things are looking up! Left Aurangabad at 10pm last night, and now have mere 5 hours to wait til my flight to Goa. Then another hour in the car to Palolem. But THEN I will have 5 days lying on the beach doing nothing, so it’s swings and roundabouts, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The wifi in Aurangabad was non-existent but I have high hopes for Goa – stay tuned for a proper post on everything I’ve been up to for the last few days! In the mean time, here is a teaser…..

Glorious Mumbai day…


Local transport:


And the view from above Kailash temple, carved from the rock at Ellora caves:


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